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The Advantages of LED Traffic Lights

08 May 2020

The Advantages of LED Traffic Lights

1. Good visibility:

LED traffic lights in continuous light, rain, dust and other harsh weather conditions, can still maintain good visibility and performance. LED emit monochromatic light, which does not require the use of color film to produce red, yellow, green color signal; besides, the light emitted by LED has a certain divergence angle and directive , which can be used instead of the traditional signal spherical mirrors. These features of LED lights solve the phantom (known as false shown) and color film fading problems in traditional non-LED traffic lights and improve the light efficiency.

2. Saving energy:

Lower consumption, as the biggest advantage of energy saving in LED light source makes big sense in lighting applications. Compared to incandescent bulbs which offer 80% of a heat loss, only 20% of a visible light, LED traffic signal offers almost 100% LED excitation energy as visible light.

3. Low thermal energy:

LED is driven by electrical energy directly into light, the heat generated is very low, almost no heat. The cooled surface of LED traffic signal obtains a longer life span and can protect people to avoid burns in maintenance.

4. Long life span:

Sometimes in freezing winter and sometimes in sultry summer, sometimes in sunny days and sometimes in rainy days, the working environment for traffic lights is relatively harsh, thus traffic lights has higher requirement for stability. General lights with incandescent bulbs have an average life expectancy of 1,000 hours, while halogen light bulb have 2,000 hours, so the resulting maintenance costs are high. LED traffic lights lifespan is about 80,000 hours and do not suffer from damages caused by filament shocks or glass broken problems.

5. Fast response:

LED traffic lights response faster than halogen bulbs, therefore reducing traffic accidents significantly. Traffic signal lights play an important role in urban traffic, and a large number of old or dead traffic lights need to be replaced or updated every year, thus leading to a relatively large market.

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