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Live up to the good times,take leave without delay for a journey

08 May 2020

When you get a good view of scenery, you will be deeply moved.

At the beginning of Autumn, to further strengthen the cohesiveness among colleagues and promote the work of the company's group building culture and spiritual civilization construction,Fama decide to making a  sightseeing tour for us. What a fantastic news!

First Stop: Liuxi River Water Greenway


We arrived Conghua at the noon, used the fast way to end lunch then went to the first scenery,Water Greenway, which is the first green river in Guangdong province. What a charming senses, no matter in which season, when you at there you will feel like in a beautiful drawing.

Visiting by boat,in the green hills and pastoral scenery along the banks of the river,will let you have the feeling of "So comfortable how can not let me envy".


Second step: Baishuizhai Scenic-Magnificent emerald on the Tropic of Cancer


Early the next morning, we couldn't wait to see the Baishuizhai scenic spot. Once we arrived there,  we saw the waterfall pouring down from the mountain like a silver train.

Except the waterfall, there are have original forest,Shallow wetlandsand so on. It absolutely is a Natural Oxygen Bar. Let us who living for a long time in the city experience the baptism of negative oxygen ions.


There is a 9999-level mountaineering stone step called “Tiannan First Ladder”. Up the river along the path, many stones on the stream are painted with childlike patterns. Many child and adults playing by the stream, and you can hear the sound of water along the way.


Looking at the waterfalls from the plank road, the thunderous sound of the rushing water and the flow, the magnificent, like the Milky Way.


Time flies when you’re have fun. It is hard time to say good-bye. Although we did not reach the mountain top cause there are no time to do that.  Everyone has the determination to reach the top, they said they must will be climb the top next time, just like overcome the various difficulty at work...

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